La Grilla

March 28, 2013

Judging by the name you would not expect the restaurant to be one serving Korean food. La Grilla is located in Canley Heights and thus a very convenient drive from where I live. I had wanted to try it after seeing the decent rating on Urbanspoon.

We ordered the bulgogi beef for 2 which comes with dumplings, glass noodles, mushrooms and some greens and on top of that the seafood pancake. Being a Korean restaurant we were served some complimentary side dishes.

Assortment of side dishes
The kimchi was pretty acceptable to my standards. I am impartial to green beans but that was rather tasty too. The spring rolls on the top right was something I had never seen before and they were surprisingly really delicious. They were very crunchy and flavoursome. It was a shame that we were not offered or given any refills like I expected since I really wanted some more of the kimchi.

Bulgogi beef hot pot for two $35
Extra beef that came with the hot pot
The bulgogi beef hot pot arrived soon after and I was stoked that there was quite a lot of beef. We were unsure on how to cook it upon first inspection but basically you would cook the beef at the top of the dome and you heat up the veggies and mushrooms in the broth. It does not look like the beef has been marinated but once cooked and popped into the mouth you could really taste the marinade and it was especially delicious with the rice. 

Seafood pancake $12
The seafood pancake was nice and crispy with a decent amount of squid legs amidst the batter. It did taste a tad burnt but the accompanying soy sauce blend complemented it well. A good pancake but not the best. Madang in Sydney takes top spot for best seafood pancake but definitely much better than the one at Stra Pocha in Strathfield.

Overall, La Grilla is a good place to dine at and really a welcome addition to Canley Heights. Their prices are decent and you will leave feeling satisfied.

La Grilla on Urbanspoon

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