PappaRich Parramatta

September 26, 2014

I get a little bit excited when new Malaysian restaurants open up and even better when they open up not too far from home. PappaRich is a new and welcome addition to Parramatta but be warned that they do get quite busy for dinner and I advise to get in early (before 6 - 6:30pm) if you want to avoid waiting or not wait too long in line to get your dinner. I have dined at PappaRich on two occasions and both times I left feeling quite satisfied with the quality of the food and their service. Ordering is straightforward, you are required to fill out what you want on their order sheet and a buzzer installed on each table ensures you get quick service without struggling to get the attention of the waiters.

Soya milk & sesame ice cream
Soya milk pudding & cincau (grass jelly)
They have quite an extensive drinks selection at decent prices, ranging from about $4 to $7. They are yummy and also pretty filling depending on what you get.

Asam laksa $13.50
When it comes to laksa asam style is the one I prefer because I really love the tangy sourness of the soup compared to the more popular curry laksa. Asam laksa is a fish-based laksa and Papparich definitely nailed the laksa as the soup was thick in consistency due to the shredded fish and the tanginess from the tamarind was all sorts of delicious. I appreciated that they used the thicker round rice noodles as opposed to vermicelli as well. The only downside was the price tag considering I can get a bowl of this in Malaysia for a mere few dollars. I am lucky my mum can make some awesome asam laksa though.

Pappa special nasi lemak with curry chicken & prawn sambal
I do not recall the price of DT's dish but it would have been around $15. Nasi lemak is one of the most well-known dishes in Malaysia and you cannot go to Malaysia without trying it. I only got a bite of the curry chicken and it was perfectly moist, juicy and flavoursome. I even thought it was better than Mamak's curry chicken. 

Pappa chicken rice with steamed chicken $13.50
I had this dish on my second time there and it did not disappoint. This was basically Hainanese chicken rice and is a popular dish in Malaysia as well. The rice was extremely fragrant due to the garlic and ginger and it went perfectly with the juicy steamed chicken. The chicken sat in a pool of soy sauce but the sauce surprisingly was not overpowering at all but instead provided just the right amount of flavour especially when the succulent pieces of chicken were dipped into the chilli sauce.

Roti Canai $6.90
You cannot go to a Malaysian restaurant and not try their roti. PappaRich's roti was lovely and flakey but a little crunchy for me. I like Mamak's roti more because their roti has more layers which makes it lighter and fluffier and is more similar to what I have had in Malaysia. However it was not bad at PappaRich and it was certainly much better than the frozen ones you can buy at Asian groceries. The curry dipping sauces were also excellent and very authentic.

Ais kacang $7.90
Ais kacang is Malaysia's version of shaved ice. The ice was nice on the outside however it was pre-made and kept in the freezer so as we got towards the centre the ice was quite compacted. It was a bit difficult to eat because we had to chip at it with our spoons. The rose syrup was probably mixed with a bit of condensed milk to make it a little creamier and sweeter but the grass jelly and the corn helped to balance out the sweetness. I particularly liked the addition of the roasted peanuts.

PappaRich is a great franchise restaurant to visit if you want great Malaysian/Chinese food as it is authentic and their menu has a lot of variety.

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