The Grounds of Alexandria

December 20, 2014

We paid a visit to The Grounds on a Thursday morning and were fortunate enough to find parking at the venue and in addition not have to wait in line which was completely unexpected. I had dined there on one occasion for lunch and had ordered their chicken burger which was less than impressive as the chicken was overcooked and dry so I was hoping their breakfast menu would be less of a disappointment.

Left to right: Hazelnut chocolate milkshake $8.00, flat white $3.80, mocha $3.80
What is with these overpriced milkshakes popping up everywhere nowadays? I cannot complain much though because it was a really good milkshake, creamy and full of Nutella/hazelnut goodness. The coffees were great too, very smooth, not burnt and sweetened to my liking.

Breakfast Board $21.00
DT had the above, the servings were generous so he was left feeling quite full. It was a very simple assortment of breakfast foods with the standout being the sausages as they were juicy and flavourful. The prosciutto was different to what I have had in the past and not in a particularly good way. The texture was quite thick and the savoury flavour that is typical of cured meats was lacking. The poached eggs however were done perfectly and the side of honeydew melon was a refreshing touch. Overall, we felt that it was expensive for what it was especially since it could be easily put together at home (minus the poached eggs).

Chef's Brekkie Pan $18.00
I enjoyed my breakfast pan immensely as everything meshed well together. The mushroom was especially delicious as it was so juicy and seasoned to perfection. The bacon was salty, soft and thick which was a good alternative to the thin and crispy bacon I am accustomed to eating. Finally, the amalgamation of semi-sweet tomato jam and runny egg yolk was what made everything taste amazing. I did not care much for the Italian bread; I would have much preferred toast as it seemed more suitable. This seemed like better value for money compared to the Breakfast Board.

Kevin Bacon the pig
The Grounds is a destination you should pay a visit at least once as the ambience and surroundings are aspects that are very unique to it. The food I find is either a hit or a miss, which is disappointing given the price point. I would highly recommend going on a weekday rather than on a weekend just because finding parking can be cumbersome and you can end up waiting a long time for a table.

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