Paper Plane Cafe

July 05, 2015

Paper Plane Cafe is a lovely cafe situated in Parramatta and on the two occasions I dined there it was fairly busy however we didn't have to wait for more than 10 minutes for a table. Their kitchen closes at 2pm though so just be mindful as we did come here on one occasion at 2pm and were turned away.

Cappuccino $3.50
As usual I opted for a cappuccino and it didn't disappoint. Not overly sweetened with enough frothiness  for me to enjoy.

Flat White $3.50
The Midnight Cuban $15
This was the best sandwich I have had and I am not fond of sandwiches at all. The pulled pork being triple smoked ham was soft and a delight to bite through, add in the melted Swiss cheese and BBQ white sauce and we have a winner for an unhealthy but really yummy toasted sandwich. The flavours were great, slightly sweet from the BBQ sauce but balanced out by the tangy mustard and the cheese. The thick cut chips were pillowy and soft inside but crunchy outside which is how I like them. The meal was super filling and it didn't help that it was quite a greasy meal overall but so so good.

Paper Plane Burger $14.50
The Paper Plane Burger is special in that one of the condiments is peanut butter and as unusual as it may sound it actually complemented the burger quite well. The peanut butter is sweet but savoury at the same time and added to the complexity of the burger in terms of flavour and texture. The beef patty was tender and grilled perfectly with some pinkness still in the centre and made better with a slice of slightly melted Swiss cheese on top. The addition of bacon was not unwelcome as the natural saltiness countered the sweetness from the peanut butter. 

Paper Plane Burger $14.50 (Second visit)
DT decided on the same burger the second time and it appears they have changed their chips from the thick cut ones to french fries. They were good but I actually preferred the ones they served from the first visit.

Chorizo Hotpot $14.50
I actually wanted this dish the first time I came to the cafe however they didn't have any chorizo left so I was glad it was available the second time around. Consisting of "chunky chorizo and eggs baked in a rich, spicy tomato sauce topped with fresh rocket, feta" and toasted bread they were not kidding about the rich and spicy tomato sauce. It was frankly a bit too rich for me, the tomato really overpowered the dish and while the chorizo was scrumptious and full of flavour it only added more spiciness to the dish. To be fair it was delicious at the beginning but finishing the meal was difficult as there was nothing to cut the sourness and spiciness besides the baked eggs and feta which wasn't enough. 

I like how Parramatta is adopting the cafe scene as it is a trek to go to Surry Hills or Alexandria for example to get good quality breakfast or lunch. Paper Plane Cafe is reasonably price and the quality of their food in general is comparable to the aforementioned places. Service, however can be improved as staff don't attend to you promptly.

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