XS Espresso

October 28, 2015

XS Espresso is a small cafe situated in a large outdoor complex called Greenway Plaza in Wetherill Park. It seemed a little out of place among the less vibrant eateries there and would fit right in at Surry Hills or Alexandria where all these sorts of cafes tend to frequent. It's great to have trendy cafes be accessible locally though and I for one am all for it. There's also sufficient parking available so you won't have to resort to parking on the street which is a relief.

It seemed all the locals have heard of this place as it was brimming with people and we had to wait roughly 15 minutes for a table. The cafe could have done with more waitstaff so people could have been seated more efficiently.

Pretty green decor
I really liked the ambience created with the green pot plants against the brick walls which brought about a rustic and hipster feel. The green hues were also relaxing to the eyes and those hanging light bulbs really spruced up and brightened up the cafe.

Breakfast menu
As DT and I had just come out from a morning of swimming, I was quite famished, so I ordered the 'Big XS Breakfast'. I have seen photos on Instagram of the 'Acai Bowl' and it certainly looks very pretty however, I am not quite at the stage where I will order healthier dishes, although perhaps I should give them a try and end up feeling less guilty about overindulging on the weekends.

Lunch menu
DT went with the 'XS Chicken Burger'.

Drinks menu
Dessert menu
I'm always tempted by desserts and XS Espresso has quite a generous selection, from churros, to waffles, crepes and pancakes. I will definitely have to come back to try them and what a relief that they serve their desserts until 10pm. The scrolls on display in their glass cabinets were also very enticing but I had to use all my willpower to decide against them because I was ordering their epic milkshakes, two of them at that. 

Left: Tim Tam & Natural Peanut Butter $7 Right: The Volcano $14
You might notice that 'The Volcano' isn't listed on their drinks menu and will observe many people around you with awesome looking concoctions that you can't pinpoint on the menu. The Volcano was one of these "off-the-menu" drinks and hence was something I had to ask for at the counter.

Tim Tam & Natural Peanut Butter $7
The Tim Tam and peanut butter milkshake was definitely the favourite of the two. They went super heavy with the whipped cream and it arrived with two peanut butter Tim Tams. Win. The milkshake itself was heavenly, it was really thick in consistency and chock full of peanut butter and chocolate flavour. One of the only milkshakes I have ever had that I thought was worth the price.

The Volcano $14
The Volcano wasn't as amazing, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. The milkshake had the same consistency but because it was chocolate-flavoured it wasn't as exciting as the peanut butter one and was a little plain in comparison. The volcano cake on the other hand was incredible. It was so rich and moist with a chocolate centre that was so delectably gooey. It was without a doubt, the icing on top. It was pricey though, costing a hefty $14, and I was quite shocked when I saw the charge on the receipt but I think the volcano cake itself was almost worth it. 

These super shakes are not good if you're watching out for your waistline (I don't even want to comprehend the sheer amount of calories in these beasts) but if you want a guilty sweet treat then by all means order their milkshakes because you won't leave disappointed.

XS Chicken Burger $15.00
The grilled chicken had a lovely smokey charred flavour to it that wasn't overly done however I did find the chicken a little on the overcooked side of things because it was slightly dry in the middle. There was also a bit too much rocket for my taste making it a tad too bitter but their delicious tangy house-made Peri-Peri sauce helped to counteract that somewhat. The deep-fried potato chips were crunchy, not surprisingly, and served their purpose as a carbolicious side.

Big XS Breakfast $18
Having had the 'Big Breakfast' from Trio in Bondi Beach which lived up to its name, the 'Big XS Breakfast' was not as impressive. It paled in size and while I was full from the meal I wasn't stuffed which was subsequently a good thing for my stomach. You can have the eggs poached, scrambled or fried and being a poached egg kind of girl that's how I ordered them. It came with two slices of toasted sourdough bread, bacon, baby truss tomato, avocado mash, spinach and sautéed mushrooms. It was an ordinary assortment of breakfast foods, the spinach and mushrooms were juicy and seasoned well while the bacon was crispy and savoury. The avocado mash was mellow in flavour which balanced out the saltiness of the other components. 

Obligatory yolk shot
The yolk wasn't as a runny as I had hoped but it wasn't unacceptable by any means and made for a nice gooey spread on the sourdough.

XS Espresso is a solid cafe in South West Sydney that excels at epic milkshakes. They are seriously worth trying as so far I consider them the best. Their food items aren't bad either and you've got to love that they have a dessert bar going on at night time for that sugar hit.

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