Piccolo Me Bella Vista

April 03, 2016

Being located so close to my workplace this is the cafe of choice on the days some co-workers and I want to have lunch before we start clocking in the late hours. It's nestled in the middle of Norwest Business Park so its strategic location means getting a coffee fix won't be a problem before heading into work.

Green tea latte $4.20/$4.90
A very likeable green tea latte, no doubt that I would have preferred the green tea flavour to be more intense but this was acceptable, not too sweet and not too thin in consistency either.

Pulled pork roll with fries $14
Let me start off with the fries which Piccolo Me does extremely well. They're reminiscent of the classic McDonald's fries in that they're thin and crispy and then brought to a whole new level with what Piccolo Me call "Super Seasoning". The seasoning was salty with a little kick of spiciness to make the fries even more addictive than they already were but in saying that nothing beats the Red Lea chips from Cabramatta. 

As for the pulled pork roll, I was really impressed with the pulled pork itself which was extremely flavoursome, sweet but more salty and the smoked garlic and paprika aioli was fantastic. However, the rocket completely overwhelmed everything with its bitterness despite how chock full of flavour the pulled pork was.

The Piccologato $7.50
This is how I get my caffeine hit before work, in the form of an affogato. Two scoops of hazelnut chocolate vanilla ice cream, a double ristretto, and chocolate flakes and crushed hazelnuts to garnish.  It was good at first but eventually I found the ice cream much too sweet that even the ristretto wasn't enough to balance it out. 

Cheese burger with fries $14
An average burger that could have been improved if the patty wasn't completely cooked through. I did have a different beef burger on my next visit (The Roymeo) and the patty was much better, it was less dry and a little pink in the middle so there must be some inconsistencies to be sorted out. Overall, a no-fuss burger and I especially liked that there was bacon in it and that the cheese was melted.

Nutella fried ice cream $10
The first time coming to Piccolo Me they didn't have the fried ice cream available so on the second visit (two weeks later) they did and my co-workers and I were super stoked to finally try it. It was larger than I had anticipated so after shovelling down a burger for lunch this was difficult to finish.

The batter was quite thick and crumbly in texture which I enjoyed as it was much like eating a hollow sphere of delicious cookie crumbs. There was even a side of Maltesers for added decadence.

The Nutella ice cream couldn't withstand the heat from being deep-fried so cutting it in half revealed a melted mess. The dessert could definitely be improved upon if they could combat that issue as eating half-melted ice cream wasn't particularly great but I did like the combination of the thick, semi-crunchy batter with the Nutella ice cream.

Piccolo Me is open from Monday to Friday and they have a decent selection of breakfast and lunch options. Overall I found the food average and I did like the dessert concepts available but they could be better.

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