June 17, 2016

Quenching my thirst for Malay food is an easy feat now with so much choice available but finding opportunities to try out all these restaurants, not so much. Hawker easily stands out on Sussex Street with its vibrant and open interior which can be viewed from the outside through their large window panels. It's difficult to walk by and not be enticed by the sight and smell of their delicious food.

The inside is spacious and the casual setup makes for a great place to hang out.

Their kitchen can be freely viewed by the public so you can rest assured the food would be prepared hygienically using fresh produce.

Milo ping $4, teh ping $4, barley ping $4
FYI, Milo is a staple beverage in Malaysia, and you can literally can buy a bag full of iced Milo for a dollar or two and it's super refreshing for the never-ending humid days there. I chanced upon teh tarik in Sydney and have been an avid lover ever since. You're probably wondering why I never had it in Malaysia, and honestly I don't know myself. The teh tarik was pretty standard and satisfied my craving for it at the time, obviously could have done with a larger glass but what can you do.

Hainanese chicken rice $14
I only had a taste of the chicken itself and will make sure to order it next time. The poached chicken was so moist (everyone's favourite word) and tender and I can only imagine what the rice was like. I'm thinking fragrant rice cooked in chicken stock so I definitely can't pass up this classic Malaysian/Singaporean dish on my next visit. 

Char away meow $14
My friend remarked that the noodles were too spicy for him but I think he enjoyed it. I didn't try it but from the looks of it, it was pretty tasty and flavourful. I did think it was unusual that a thinner variation of rice noodle was used. Hawker didn't skimp on the prawns though so that's a thumbs up considering the price point.

BBQ pork slices with egg noodles (Wan tan mee) $13
Another dish I didn't try was char siu with egg noodles. I can't recall what my friend said about this dish unfortunately I don't think it was anything remarkable but it wasn't a bad dish either. It came with a bowl of soup and dumplings to counter the "dryness" of the egg noodles tossed in soy sauce. 

Satay chicken skewers 1/2 dozen $12
Great for sharing between two or more people (but no one said you can't have them all to yourself), these chicken skewers were bursting outside and inside with flavour. Grilled to perfection to achieve succulent and tender meat and the spicy satay sauce complemented them so well they disappeared in a flash. 

Asam laksa $13
Getting straight to the point, the asam laksa at Hawker was certainly up to my standards and currently my top choice out of PappaRich and Petaling Street. The reason being that Hawker's version tones down on the sweetness compared to Petaling Street's and the tanginess wasn't too overwhelming which I found was the case at PappaRich. My preference is probably due to my being more accustomed to Hawker's style of laksa which is the closest to what I've had in Ipoh, Malaysia. The tamarind broth had a good amount of shredded fish, was deliciously rich and spicy and not to mention addictive, it was a challenge to leave any soup behind. Coupled with the chewy glutinous rice noodles it would be a perfect dish to slurp up in winter.

I'm trying to plan my next visit here because I'm itching to try their apam balik (a Malaysian pancake) and goreng durian (deep-fried durian) because it sounds so heavenly. Their savoury menu is also pretty extensive so trying out more from it is a must.

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