Dining at Chi Chi (Chi and Co.)

February 16, 2013

So unfortunately on Valentines Day I was blessed with the night shift and didn't get home until 9:20pm.
DT and I ended up eating at Chi Chi which was a restaurant I happened to spot as we were driving around Canley Heights looking for parking. I did not have dinner yet so I was feeling quite peckish.

From the outside, the restaurant looked very chic and modern and stood out amongst the street.
I wish I had taken a picture of the words hanging from the ceiling because they said "Double rainbow all the way across the sky".

We were seated promptly and presented with the menu which was interesting. They had entrees, shared dishes, mains and desserts. It appeared that the restaurant served a mixture of Asian dishes ranging from Vietnamese, Chinese and Malay dishes. We eventually settled with the eggplant sandwich, roasted duck braised in an orange sauce (I had originally wanted the braised pork but the waitress was nice enough to tell us that it was bo kho and that was something I could eat at home), some roti bread to share and a bowl of rice. I also tried the Gingerbread man mocktail which really tasted like gingerbread. It was a cold drink but the ginger was quite warming.

Braised duck with orange and tamarind sauce $23.2

So above was our main which we ate with the rice (the rice was sadly a little dry). The duck was really delicious. I was happy because they were generous with the meat and each bite was very tasty. You could taste the tang of the orange and the saltiness of the sauce and I love eating duck skin because there is always a slight crispiness to it before it just melts in your mouth. I also enjoyed the little pieces of orange which had soaked up a lot of the sauce. I am very glad that we got to choose this dish instead of the braised pork and honestly you can never go wrong with duck.

Eggplant sandwich ($12.8)
This was also a standout dish. I have always disliked eating eggplant because the texture of it and its lack of flavour was never my cup of tea. DT chose this particular dish and he was actually expecting a real sandwich. However, this was literally a sandwich where the bread was replaced with tempura eggplant slices. The dish was executed really well. The eggplant slices were lightly battered and deep fried and between each slice was a delicious minced pork patty. The savoury sauce complemented the overall dish perfectly. This was the first dish ever where I enjoyed eating eggplant and wished there was more.

Now on to the dessert...

Fried banana sesame roll with caramel sauce and salted nut ice cream ($9.2)
So this little dessert arrived at the table and I was so excited to try it. I am a sucker for desserts! I was expecting the pastry wrapping the banana to resemble that of the pastry of fried ice cream which you can find at a lot of Thai restaurants. But sadly it was not. It was quite hard and difficult to cut through. I found the banana to be too mushy but I however did enjoy the caramel sauce sitting at the bottom and the salted nut ice cream.

Overall the food was unexpectedly good with the exception of the dessert which I did not enjoy as much. The service was excellent and attentive. I was wiping my fingers on the napkin because I was eating the duck with my hands at one point and one of the waitresses asked if we needed something to clean our hands with. She then came over to show us these awesome wash towels which at first looked like tablets. I thought it was a mint of some sort and she let us hold them to show us how hard they were. She then proceeded to pour water over them and to our amazement the tablets began to expand as they absorbed the water and transformed into cotton towels. 

Anywho I would definitely come here again to sample more of their menu.

Chi Chi on Urbanspoon

DT made me a chocolate souffle which looks and tastes more like a fondant :P. 
I only remembered to take a photo when I was halfway through eating it. Delicious chocolatey-ness.

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