Bistro Lamp

March 05, 2013

I am very delighted to have been able to dine at Bistro Lamp at Surfers Paradise. This little Japanese restaurant which was a ways from the heart of Surfers is a total gem. The joint is actually run by Japanese people and I noticed by ear that Japanese people dined here as well which is a good sign to confirm authenticity of the restaurant. I have found that many of the Japanese restaurants in Sydney are run by Koreans which is not necessarily a bad thing because DT and I usually frequent Sushi Deluxe which is owned by Koreans and they make some awesome sushi! 

Bistro Lamp's menu was quite extensive and it was difficult for me to make a decision but I knew I had to try the omurice (omelette rice). I have been intrigued by omurice ever since watching Lunch Queen which is a Japanese drama about a protagonist who is set on replicating the omurice she ate when she was a child. I always felt hungry while watching that drama.

The demi-glace sauce was so good that I would have licked the plate clean if I was at home and the egg was so soft and creamy. The  last time I had omurice was at Ramen-kan at Haymarket and with all honesty Bistro Lamp defeats it effortlessly. Sure I can't compare to omurice in Japan but so far, the best I've tasted. Hopefully I will get to try it in Japan one day.

Karaage Chicken
The fried chicken was also a delight to eat. It was freshly cooked; the batter was crispy and the inside of the chicken was nice and moist and not dry at all. If I remember correctly the sauce was chilli-flavoured but wasn't as hot as I had expected which was good in a sense as I wasn't eager to have fire chicken in summer.
Salmon & rice
I do not remember the name of this dish but this is what DT had ordered and he said it was delicious. I'm not a fan of raw fish so I didn't try it but it does look tasty as far as raw fish goes.

Before Bistro Lamp I was only aware of one place that made good okonomiyaki and that's Kura in Haymarket in Sydney and now I have to add Bistro Lamp to the list. It is really interesting to note that the okonomiyaki in Kura is different to this one in that the cabbage is much softer therefore you can't actually distinguish it being in the pancake.
Bistro Lamp's okonomiyaki is defininitely generous with the cabbage and the pork slices. Very flavoursome due to the okonomiyaki sauce and the Japanese mayonnaise. I really could have eaten another one because it was that good. Certainly beats the one I make haha. 

That was our dinner on a Tuesday night in Surfers Paradise and it was really top notch. It's not a fine dining experience but it was so lovely to be able to have a taste of some authentic Japanese food in a tourist destination. It is also affordable, I believe the meal came to about $60-70 for 4 dishes which is not bad at all and the service was also prompt and attentive. I also gave a $5 tip which DT exclaimed as being excessive but Bistro Lamp deserved it. So if you're looking for good place to eat while at Surfers Paradise do check out this place if you're in for some good food.

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