Classic March Her Fashion Box

March 12, 2013

Her Fashion Box is a new beauty and fashion subscription service with their first box being the March edition. When joining the service you are able to choose between Trendy, Classic or Feminine boxes. They further cater to your needs by providing a profile that you fill out which I thought was quite thorough.

I was undecided between Classic and Feminine but finally went with the Classic box. They had a promo code at the time when I signed up which allowed a 50% discount off their usual price of $49.95. I'll admit that it is pricey and probably would not have signed up if I had to pay the full price. Fortunately they have lowered the price to $39.95 per month.

I was so excited to see that the box had arrived today and quickly opened it up!
It came packaged nicely in a pink cardboard box.

Removing the pink cardboard revealed a sleek black box.

Inside the box were all these goodies! They include a Her Fashion Magazine (left) in the box which is really neat because it details what is inside the box.

Overview of the products:

Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine Lipgloss in Glisten Up Pink - RRP $15.95$
This was a full-sized product and is available in 10 different colours. I really like the colour as it seems very wearable. I have not tried the product yet but it does look to be high shine as it contains shimmers.

Left: Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo 50mL - RRP: $22.95 300mL; Centre: Conditioner  30mL - RRP: $22.95 250mL; Right: Deep Facets Rinse Out Mask: 30mL - RRP: $35.50 250mL
HFB included some haircare products. I believe Diamond Oil is a new range from Redken that is due to come out soon so it is currently not available in stores. The hair products are supposedly enriched with oil to help with dull and damaged hair. I do feel that my hair is quite damaged from dying my hair so I hope this will make a difference. The samples provided are enough for about 3 uses. I have never tried Redken products due to the price tag but if I enjoy these products I may go out to buy the full product.

Circa Home Everyday Soap - Lilac and Orchard - RRP: $9.95 125g
I thought this soap was really cute in it's little purple box. This is a full-sized product. It looks to be very nourishing and moisturising because it contains almond oil and cocoa butter. It also smells very lovely. I do not use soap bars anymore but I think I will trial this.

2 x Regular Tampons, 1 x Slenders Pad, 1 x Slenders Linder, 1 x Sleepovers Pad - RRP: $4.47

Pictured above is the concealer  brush from Master Makeup By Dean Nixon. The RRP for this brush is $30. The brush collection is supposed to be affordable but honestly I would not pay $30 for one brush so I do not see how they have an "affordable price tag" at all. There are 6 brushes in the collection: Kabuki, Foundation, Concealer, Eyeshadow, Blending and Eyeliner Brushes. HFB currently have a 20% off offer on all the makeup brushes and the brush wallet.
The concealer brush is made with Taklon bristles and are tightly packed which is expected for a concealer brush and it does feel soft and not scratchy on the face which is a definite plus. It was really great that HFB included a makeup brush as it is something I will use. I think the brush will also be good for packing on eyeshadow.

Classic Necklace 
This necklace came inside a little black bag. There is no price tag for the necklace but I could see this retailing for $10-15. I think this is a really nice necklace and will complement casual and dressier outfits. I love the contrast of the black and gold and indeed it does look like a classic piece. The necklace has a good weight to it, it is not so light where it feels cheap.

Classic Hair Tie
I have always wanted a hair tie like this because it just looks so chic and really dresses up a plain pony tail. Also no price listed for this.

Overall the box was good value considering that I paid half the price and you definitely receive more than what you pay for. The total value of the box was $71 from what I could calculate with the products that had their RRPs listed and the box contained a total of 9 products. I do think HFB is a great addition to the subscription services provided in Australia (there are not many mind you) because they also include fashion items which is definitely innovative. I recommend everyone to trial this service if you want to receive a nice assortment of goodies at your doorstep every month.

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