Albion Street Kitchen

March 17, 2013

I am sad to discover that this restaurant has been closed down for business and has been replaced by Chur Burger.

What used to be Assiette has recently been transformed into Albion Street Kitchen and I was extremely excited to try this restaurant after buying a voucher from Travelzoo. The $49 voucher entitled us to $100 worth of food from their entire menu which was definitely good value.
The service was great, staff were friendly and attentive.

The Menu
DT and I ordered 2 entrees, 2 mains, a side and 2 desserts to share between us. We didn't wait long for the food to come out which was awesome as I was fairly hungry and I was expecting the food to take a lot longer to appear.

Starter bread
It may just be a tiny loaf of bread but I enjoyed it so much. This was a great alternative to the usual sourdough or rye bread restaurants normally serve. It was very light, buttery and fluffy and is the sort of bread I will enjoy any day and it was also complimentary, what more can I say.

Pan fried zucchini, garlic butter
I wasn't expecting the dish to look like this when we ordered it. This was a nice warm zucchini salad with the bread crumbs adding some much needed crunch as the zucchini was really soft. You'll have a few mouthfuls of this salad before you need to clean your palate with another dish or a drink however.

Grilled prawns, avocado, corn bread, grilled capsicum
I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of prawns but I'll make an exception for this dish because it didn't have that typical fishy prawn taste. The meat was very easy to scoop out which was a bonus because I don't like getting my hands dirty in public. The prawn was soft and succulent and tasted like it just came off the BBQ grill. The corn added some lovely texture to the dish and also provided some sweetness.

This was not on the menu but a special they had at the time of ordering. Perhaps they might have added it to the menu now. This dish was good but nothing spectacular as far as cooked scallops go. The scallops were nice and tender and flavoursome. DT and I could not figure out what the white cubes were but I suspect that they were apples due to the texture and the taste. I would have preferred some sweetness added to the dish through the sauce.

Pork belly
They gave a generous cut of pork belly that was relatively soft and tender but paled in comparison to the pork belly at Aria. I still enjoyed this pork belly though as the skin had a nice crunch and the pork crackle was just what you would expect, all crackly and so fun to eat.

New England lamp rump
DT being a big a fan of lamb went with this for his main. I had a few bites of the lamb and it was super tender and juicy and nicely flavoured. I do not enjoy eating lamb but this dish was really quite good.

"Rhy's Reece"
DT ordered this dessert and I was worried about what the dessert actually was because the name of it did not help. It was surprisingly a chocolate mousse and I must say the best mousse I have had ever! This was so silky smooth and wonderfully decadent to the point that I am actually contemplating about going back just to eat this again. This is a must try if you are a chocolate addict. DT is not a huge advocate of chocolate but he still enjoyed it.

Crispy cannelloni, pistachio mousse, cherry sorbet
This was another yummy dessert with so many interesting elements to the dish. The cherry sorbet was extremely good, I had no idea that a sorbet could be so smooth in texture it was almost like ice cream. The cannelloni itself was delicate and crunchy and went well with the pistachio mousse. The dessert is sweet but not overly so which I prefer.

Overall I really enjoyed dining at Albion Street Kitchen. We paid an extra $20 or so on top of the $100 which the voucher entitled us to and would probably visit this restaurant again in the future.

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