Japanese at Wassam

March 19, 2013

I had made a list of restaurants to visit when DT and I holidayed in Surfers Paradise and we managed to have dinner at Wassam on one windy and rainy evening. The weather must have kept customers away because when we arrived at the restaurant it was rather empty. Not necessarily a bad thing because that meant we would not be waiting long for our food. Wassam offers a lunch and dinner menu.

We were served promptly by the friendly wait staff and the first thing that came out was the sashimi.

Sashimi platter
DT being a lover of sashimi obviously went for this on the menu. Not being an avid fan of sashimi I only had a slice of tuna. It was fresh but the lack of flavour and the soft raw texture of the fish rendered the entire dish unappealing to me. I also had a little piece of sea urchin which frankly I did not enjoy. Raw seafood is most definitely an acquired taste. DT enjoyed it though, but perhaps it was too much sashimi for him to eat by himself as I did not touch much of it.

Takoyaki topped with melted cheese
I was almost drooling when this dish arrived. I got to eat most of the takoyaki as DT was demolishing the sashimi platter. The takoyaki was good and piping hot but I felt that the cheese overpowered it a little too much. The takoyaki that you can get at the Chinatown Nightmarket in Sydney is better and tastes more authentic. I still enjoyed this dish though because it was an interesting take on a popular street food in Japan.

The tempura here was extremely good. It was a mix of prawn and vegetable tempura and boy was the batter light and crunchy. It did not taste oily at all and the fried batter really felt like it was melting in my mouth. Best tempura I have tried thus far.

Curry rice with egg
This dish was basically a bed of rice topped with curry, cheese, capsicum and an egg. I really liked the cute presentation of this dish. The egg certainly added a nice touch to the overall appearance. To my surprise, the curry did not taste like the typical Japanese curry roux and in a good way because it was different. The curry was very unique in flavour and I believe it was a tomato-based curry that went well with the melted cheese. The egg was cooked perfectly as the yolk was still a little runny which is how I like it.

Green Tea Parfait
I was excited when this pretty little dessert arrived at the table. DT and I had to eat this quickly because the ice cream was melting quite quickly. The green tea ice cream was a little bit of a disappointment because although it did have a strong green tea flavour DT and I agreed it was rather icy and not smooth and creamy like how you would expect ice cream to be. The vanilla ice cream (which is not visible in the picture) was better though. The red azuki bean complemented the green tea very well and the mochi was chewy and sweet. Overall a decently yummy dessert.

We enjoyed our dinner at Wassam and it was great trying out different variations of Japanese food. I would visit this place again the next time I go to Surfers Paradise.

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