Chanoma Cafe

May 17, 2013

When I first heard of Chanoma Cafe I immediately likened it to the famous Japadog street food vendor in Canada. I've always wanted to try Japanese-inspired hot dogs and was so happy to hear of this new addition to the Sydney CBD. Chanoma Cafe really looks lovely and modern with its green decor although the cafe seating is quite minimal. I suppose the majority of customers would be having their drinks and food takeaway but I believe the cafe can be improved with more seating.
The cafe boasts an extensive range of green tea-flavoured beverages and a decent selection of hot dogs.

Tonkatsu Dog
DT and I opted for the Tonkatsu Dog to share as we had just had Gumshara ramen for dinner. The bread was decently soft and the panko (bread crumbs) used for the batter was very crispy. We also noticed some bacon or thinly sliced ham that was wrapped around the sausage which was interesting. The tonkatsu sauce was nice and tangy and overall the flavours complemented each other well. Definitely a very flavoursome and tasty hot dog with some nice crunch.

Chilli & Garlic Fries
The fries reminded me very much of the french fries at McDonalds which is not a bad thing because I love McDonalds fries. There doesn't seem to be much chilli flakes but it was deceivingly spicy. They were quite addictive and being a spicy food lover this was great and it was a generous serving.

Green Tea Chocolate Parfait
I originally had wanted to order the green tea with banana drink but upon second thought I wasn't too sure whether banana and green tea would actually go well together so we finally settled on the green tea chocolate parfait. I would have liked if there was more thought in the presentation of the drink and having it served in a plastic cup did not help. I do think they could have done without the cone because nothing was actually in it and I wasn't sure on how to go about eating it. I only ate about half of the cone. The green tea ice cream was relatively icy but refreshingly so considering the spiciness of the fries we had ordered alongside it. The green tea flavour was not overly concentrated but it could have done with a bit more flavour. The texture of the mochi was a little strange as it wasn't chewy enough and the pieces of peach and pineapple seemed a little out of place. Some azuki red bean instead would be much more suitable. Overall the dessert was enjoyable but all the different elements seemed to clash with each other.

Chanoma Cafe is from what I can gather I good place to try some Japanese-style hot dogs and definitely a place to visit if you fancy trying something different. The prices are also reasonable as the meal came to about $20.

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