May 05, 2013

If you haven't heard of Gumshara then I will tell you that this restaurant which is hidden inside the food court in Chinatown has really awesome ramen. I visited Gumshara on a Saturday night and it was fairly busy with a small queue. The ramen is decently priced and the servings are more generous compared to Ippudo. DT and I ordered the pork spare rib ramen and BBQ pork ramen respectively, each with a half-boiled egg for an extra $1.50. As you may or may not be aware, Gumshara is famous for having very thick broth as a result of boiling the pork bones for days. The broth is full of collagen goodness and also MSG-free which is a bonus.

BBQ pork ramen ~$13
I was extremely excited when I saw the bowl ramen and boy was it amazing. The broth is so thick which you can sort of tell from the photo and the BBQ pork was very tender and very much full of flavour. The sliced pork is so much better than Ippudo's and there was a lot of it too. The egg was also perfect and runny.

Pork spare rib ramen ~$15
The tonkotsu broth is the same as the BBQ pork ramen and the spare rib was delicious albeit a little hard to bite into. I am glad Gumshara does not skimp on anything making it well worth your money. They can also cater to your preferences by adjusting the saltiness and thickness of the broth. I think their broth is perfect though.

A big thumbs up for this place if you want authentic ramen although some might find that the original broth is a little too thick and leaves your lips feeling sticky afterwards.

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