Korean at Sydney Madang

November 12, 2013

I have visited Sydney Madang probably three or four times now and still believe it is probably the best place for Korean food. It is an extremely popular joint despite it being hidden in an alleyway which goes to show that this restaurant dishes up some really good food.

My most recent visit to Sydney Madang was for dinner and we had to wait about 45 minutes before we could get a table because it was so busy, I suppose it did not help that it was on a Saturday night either.

Complimentary side dishes (banchan)
I love the side dishes that are always complimentary in Korean restaurants. They are extremely good to nibble on while waiting for the food to come out. 

Sweet chilli fried chicken
We ordered Sweet Chilli Fried Chicken. It was around $30 and the portion was really big! The chicken was really crunchy and delicious but the sweetness does become a little bit sickening after eating a few pieces. DT and I found it difficult to finish because there was so much chicken so we had to takeaway the remaining one third. I would recommend it to be shared between 3-4 people.

Seafood pancake
So far the best seafood pancake we have tried. It is perfectly cooked to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's not seasoned heavily so that when you dip it in the savoury vinegar sauce the flavour is just right.

Spicy stir fried pork
This is the one dish I always come back to. It is the spicy stir fried pork (daeji bulgogi) and I find that it goes so well with a bowl of plain white rice. I am in love with the Korean red chilli paste (gochujang) because of that flavoursome kick. I am sure it is the same sauce used to mix in with bibimbap (below) as well.

DT ordered bibimbap which is basically a hot stone pot/bowl filled with rice at the bottom and lots of toppings. You mix all the toppings up with the rice and the accompanying red chilli paste. The stone pot keeps it hot and you will get some crunchy rice on the inner surface of the bowl as a result as well. I think it is a really good comfort food and quite healthy minus the rice.

As you can tell we ordered a lot for two people considering the rather large portions so we struggled to finish everything therefore I recommend ordering wisely. I do hope to try their Korean BBQ in the future.

Do check out Sydney Madang if you want to have some good Korean food, you may have to wait for a table but it is worth it.

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