Trio in Bondi Beach

November 17, 2013

Among the many cafes situated alongside Bondi Beach is the extremely popular Trio. Recommended by a friend of mine DT and I decided to have brunch here before making our Sculpture by the Sea trek. Luckily for us it was a glorious sunny day and as such perfect weather to enjoy the sights.
This place was seriously buzzing as we were told it would be a 30 minute wait but 15 minutes later we were seated so it wasn't too long of a wait. The staff here were very friendly and cheery and service was quite prompt considering how busy the cafe was.

I opted for the Big Breakfast while DT chose the Wagyu Beef Burger.

Big Breakfast  $22
The big breakfast consists of two eggs which you can choose how you like them cooked (I had them poached), toast, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, sausage, baked kipfler potatoes and smoky tomato chutney. The toast was a bit tough but layering the top with butter and some of the chutney made it pretty scrumptious. The bacon was crispy and not overly salty while the sausages had some good flavour and were moist in the inside. The potatoes were baked perfectly as they were not hard at all and were nice and warm when popped into the mouth. I loved the button mushrooms which were lightly pan fried to retain its moisture. Finally, the eggs were poached perfectly; cutting them in half to reveal the yolk oozing out was a delight for me.

Wagyu beef burger $24
I only had a bite of the burger and the wagyu beef patty was definitely top notch, it was very juicy and packed full of flavour, not a bland burger at all. The sweet potato fries take the cake though. By far the best sweet potato fries ever, I could not stop myself from eating them.  They were crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside and seasoned just right. I usually find other places make them too salty.

Trio is rather expensive for a cafe but the food is fantastic and filling and the service is great too. I would love to come back to try more of their menu.

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