Chur Burger

December 07, 2013

Warren Turnbull's Albion Street Kitchen, which we had visited not too long ago has now transformed into a buzzing burger joint. There are not many burgers I have eaten in my lifetime that have amazed me and now we have Chur Burger and it is undoubtedly serving amazing burgers. 

Crispy quail eggs with tarragon mayo $10
I have never had battered quail eggs before and they sounded amazing. Sure enough I was not disappointed as they were extremely scrumptious morsels. Dipping the eggs in the tarragon mayo definitely gave it a lovely kick. The only con was that there was not enough of them. DT also had a caramel milkshake which was really good and not watered down at all, but $8 is way too expensive for a milkshake.

Sweet potato fries seasoned with garlic and lime $5
DT commented that the fries were soggy as opposed to the last time he had them so that was a little disappointing. They were still enjoyable though. The sweet potatoes are baked making them relatively healthy and the seasoning was perfect. I do prefer the sweet potato fries from Trio cafe at Bondi Beach though just because they were more crunchy.

Pulled pork, Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel mayo $10
Now on to what we have all been waiting for... the famous burgers which are all $10 each. I wanted to give pulled pork another chance because the last time I had it was at the The Dip in a hot dog bun and it was terrible. The burger definitely changed my perspective because the pulled pork was incredibly flavoursome albeit a little too sweet but delicious nonetheless.  The buns were soft, fluffy and toasted on the inside and the entire burger was not dry at all, in fact, the sauces were dripping out as I was eating it.

Grilled lamb, mint sauce, feta, red onion, aioli $10
DT had the lamb burger which I had a bite of and it was amazing. The lamb patty was not overcooked as there was a tinge of pink in the meat making it really juicy and moist. I find lamb has a strange after taste which is why I stay clear of eating lamb however the patty was devoid of it and I am wondering how they did it. I loved how they selected condiments and veggies that were compatible with the meat as it really brought the entire burger together. DT swears that no other burger can compete now that Chur Burger is in business besides of course In-N-Out Burger which is only available to the US.

Chur Burger is a top-notch burger joint with a great selection on their menu. I hope they come out with more burgers and I hope to try their other burgers soon. Perhaps Chur Burger will be the next big franchise but that may be a negative thing because the quality of the burgers would probably be compromised.

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