Neelam Indian Restaurant

November 19, 2013

We do not usually venture out to have Indian food but when we do it is always at Neelam in Parramatta. I should try other Indian restaurants but thus far I feel Neelam serves really good and authentic Indian cuisine. I have come to like Indian curries as they are thick in consistency and therefore very flavoursome.

Aloo Tikki ($7.90)
We started off with potato patties which were surprisingly very green, I honestly do not know how they achieved that colour intensity but I am assuming a lot of peas went into the making of them. The outside was crunchy whereas the inside was soft and it was actually quite spicy making them all the more delicious. The masala yoghurt and tamarind sauce complemented the patties really well as the minty flavours balanced out the spiciness.

Vegetable Biryani ($15.90)
The fried basmati rice was really fragrant and cooked perfectly as the rice was not dry. Rice is the perfect accompaniment to any curry so it was a must order. There was enough rice for two people but it was definitely overpriced.

Cheese Naan ($3.50)
Garlic Naan ($3.00)
We cannot forget the naan which dipped or smothered in curry is amazing. I loved how soft and warm the bread was and the cheese and garlic variations simply made it so much more yummy.

Shahi Paneer ($15.90)
Consisting of cottage cheese cooked in a tangy cashew nut sauce, my tastebuds definitely enjoyed this curry. It was undoubtedly an extremely aromatic and creamy curry, we opted for it to be mild in spiciness but I found it not to be spicy at all. This was great with the basmatic rice and also for dipping the naan into. This would be the perfect curry to choose if you want a relatively sweet and nutty curry.

Chicken Tikka Masala ($15.90)
Another delicious curry of diced tandoor roasted chicken with green capsicum, onions and tomatoes. This curry was very much in contrast to the Shahi Paneer. The chicken pieces were perfectly moist and the masala made this curry considerably spicier. I did prefer the creamier consistency of the other curry though.

Definitely check out this place if you are in the mood for Indian food as it is excellent and the service is fantastic too.

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