Mad Spuds Cafe

September 15, 2014

Potatoes are the bomb, because who doesn't love all that starchy goodness? When I read about this place I knew I had to try it. It is a another popular cafe located a little bit away from the main noise of Surry Hills and fortunately it wasn't too busy so we got seated straight away on a Saturday afternoon.

Iced Coffee
We ordered our drinks to which I opted for an iced coffee and a flat white for him. I quite enjoyed my iced coffee and appreciated that they didn't overdo it with the cream. 

Flat White
Mad Pan Brekkie  $16
I decided on the Mad Pan Brekkie mainly because I wanted my food served to me in a frying pan. You have to admit that the pan makes it look very appealing. The combination of everything is perfect. The super crunchy bruschetta was ideal for smothering with the baked beans, not to mention the spicy pork sausages were amazing in flavour and quite juicy. I was actually quite reluctant to share them. The egg was perfectly poached with the yolk oozing out as I broke it open and the potato cakes were delectably crunchy outside and warm and soft inside. I would love to have this for brekkie everyday albeit it is super filling.

Mad Spud Stack $15
The presentation is simple yet unique at the same time. It was quite tall so DT had to take it apart to eat it. The potato cake was delicious and paired well with the generous serving of mint yoghurt and the combination of the pureed sweet potato and avocado. The spud skins however was really the cherry on top. 

Cheesy crispy spud skins $4
I could not pass this up and it certainly tasted as good as it sounds. They were served piping hot and really were a better version of wedges. Everything tastes better with warm melted cheese.

Mad Spuds Cafe is a great place to visit for breakfast or lunch, you won't be disappointed with the food or their coffee. They also offer gluten/vegan/vegetarian dishes as well. The serving sizes are decent for the prices and you will leave feeling quite full and satisfied. I definitely recommend it.

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