LuMi Bar & Dining

July 26, 2015

LuMi Bar & Dining is ever so popular for its relatively affordable degustation so of course it had to be ticked off my list. LuMi is located in Pyrmont and its wide panelled windows permits views of the waterfront and there's plenty of natural sunlight, on a nice sunny day of course. When DT and I arrived we were the first people there and were seated right away. The service was attentive but not intrusive and the food was paced well.

View by the water
Appetisers to share (left to right): Cheese tartlet and corn, salt and vinegar rice chips, potato and rosemary focaccia 
Well balanced plate of appetisers, I particularly liked the rice chips which were seasoned well and were very delicate and crispy.

Delicious Italian take on chawanmushi. It retained the elements of an authentic egg custard by being light and smooth in texture however with the zing of tomato and herbs.

White cucumber, apple and sour cream
Beautiful and intricate presentation  and a very refreshing dish. I did feel that the sour cream was out of place and could have done without. 

Veal tartare
This dish sent my tastebuds into a frenzy, and not in a bad way at all. I loved how the flavours from the zingy tarragon emulsion and roasted capsicum just popped in my mouth. Combine those flavours with the layers of texture and it was downright delicious. I loved the crunchiness of the puffed buckwheat which really tasted akin to rice crispies.

Spelt ravioli
One of the best and quite possibly the best dish of the degustation. Never have I ever had such amazing ravioli. These little parcels were quite rich due to the burnt butter but it really distinguished the dish. The ravioli skin was delicate and easily burst in the mouth to allow the smooth pumpkin filling to escape. Everything about this dish was fantastic, from the creamy and buttery ravioli to the pop of avruga and the crunchy pumpkin seeds.

Spaghetti alla chittara
The squid ink spaghetti was cooked al dente which was to be expected and garnished with shavings of bottarga (cured roe fish) which lent the dish its saltiness. The orange beurre blanc was creamy and buttery and complemented the pasta along with the sweetness of the scampi. Overall it was a nice dish but not something I particularly liked as I'm not a big fan of squid ink pasta and seafood in general. DT did enjoy it though.

Pork jowl
Another favourite of the night. The lovely pork jowl (cheek) hidden beneath carefully placed spinach leaves and unveiled in the photo below.

There was nothing to dislike about this dish. The pork jowl had the most perfect crunchy skin without being tough at all and the meat was succulent and full of flavour. The celeriac mash was creamy and a tad nutty. I loved the generous sprinkling of quinoa which was an ingenious complement to the crispy pork skin.

Amazing palate cleanser from the beautiful presentation to the refreshing minty flavours. I admired the placement of the two-toned shiso leaves which completed the green hues and also transitioned a pop of colour into the evergreen. The lemon basil granita was of such a fine texture it literally dissolved on the tongue while the sorrel sorbet was of a great consistency, creamy, but not overly so. Definitely a palate cleanser that left me wanting more, I think I could eat this forever.

Ginger ice cream
The dessert was certainly a stark contrast to the palate cleanser. It was without a doubt full of creamy sugary sweet goodness. Ginger is an interesting flavour for an ice cream but somehow it worked because it wasn't overpowering and what we were left with was a sweet and creamy ice cream with a hint of ginger's distinctly sharp flavour and spiciness. The pool of white chocolate was to die for and the dusting of lime and lemon zest and yoghurt crumble did well to balance out the sweet richness of the dessert.

At $95 for an 8 course degustation this place is a no brainer for best value fine dining. I was most impressed by the veal tartare, spelt ravioli, pork jowl and their desserts. Japanese and Italian fusion at its finest.

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