Yang's Malaysian Food Truck

August 01, 2015

Yang's Malaysian Food Truck has been on my go-to list as a food truck specialising in Malaysian cuisine was intriguing. I was quite certain I would never get the chance to visit because the truck usually frequents Sydney CBD Mondays to Fridays. Then they announced that they would be catering to the public on a Saturday in Marrickville from 12 - 7pm and thus an opportunity arose.  I was dying to try the soft shell crab which seems to be the signature dish as it is constantly raved about. Unfortunately for me, I could only get there at 5pm the earliest and the soft shell crab was nowhere to be found on the menu as it was sold out so we had no choice but to choose other items.

Chicken curry roti canai $6
It is difficult to find authentic roti canai in Sydney (Mamak is the only restaurant that comes to mind) so I wasn't expecting roti canai that resembled that found in Malaysia but I was pleasantly surprised. Yang's roti canai was nice and flaky, just how it should be. I particularly enjoyed the generous topping of spicy chicken curry and found it difficult to stop eating it as each bite left me wanting more. It was so delicious that I was seriously contemplating buying another. 

Nasi Lemak $7-8
Nasi lemak is a Malaysian classic and Yang's has done the dish justice. Who would have thought a concoction of simple ingredients with the defining sambal sauce could be so delicious. Yang's has hit the nail on the head with the sambal sauce as it tastes authentic and the anchovies are salty and crunchy. If only nasi lemak was more accessible here as it would totally be my number one comfort food.   

Prosperity Burger (double patty) $7
The Prosperity Burger was the special item being served on the day. The beef patty was just average at best and we were disappointed to find that the buns were quite soggy and the size of the burger itself was smaller than expected. I did like the black pepper sauce though and the delicate fried potato crisps were super crunchy and addicting to eat.

Yang's is great for authentic Malaysian cuisine and the prices are very reasonable for what you get. I envy those who work in Sydney CBD and I hope to see Yang's catering on Saturdays more often as I am still eager to have that soft shell crab in my belly.

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  1. The price and test is very amazing to me so like Chicken curry , Nasi Lemak
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