September 19, 2015

I've been frequenting cafes a plenty in the last two months and with so many great establishments to choose from in Sydney it's difficult to decide which one to journey to but the amazing shakes from Brewristas continually dominated my Instagram feed so it was definitely a calling. Brewristas is located in Glebe and is only a short walk from Broadway Shopping Centre so it would be a perfect stop for brekkie or lunch. The staff were super friendly and welcoming and we got seated righted away.

Coffee bean centrepiece
I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant especially as we were seated alfresco at the rear of the cafe and felt as if we were dining in someone's backyard because of the outdoor chair swing in the corner.

Matcha Muffin
My eyes instantly feasted on these when I walked into the cafe and I knew I had to order one, because how could anyone resist such a beautiful creation of matcha goodness? The syringe of azuki red bean syrup and moist matcha muffin were the perfect couple. The flavour of the matcha could have been more apparent in the muffin itself but otherwise I very much enjoyed every bite of it. The vanilla buttercream provided the right amount of sweetness along with the green tea Kit Kat which was especially delectable with the heavy-handed dusting of matcha powder. The green tea wafer egg roll was also nice and flaky and I would really like to know where one can purchase them.

The Clutch
It looks like diabetes in a mason jar but it sure was awesome. The brownie was chocolatey rich and oh so decadent. The consistency of the Nutella and chocolate milkshake was actually not very thick and it was quite easy to drink. I loved the little details of Tiny Teddies and Freddo chocolate heads adhered to the rim of the jar. 

Game Set Matcha
It's no surprise that I went for the green tea variation and my oh my it looked fabulous. The matcha flavour was distinct and it wasn't at all bitter as it was offset by the sugar. I would prefer a less sweeter version in order to savour more of that green tea flavour but it was still awesome. The Insta-famous matcha chocolate button by jess.xv.v was perfection. It was literally akin to an Oreo but with a matcha chocolate cream filling.

Porky Pig $16
I normally plan what I want to order beforehand and I knew I wanted Kevin's balls (sounds totally wrong) because everyone was raving about them but it wasn't on the menu (insert sad face). So I was faced with the problem of deciding between porky pig and hot chicks but eventually settled for porky pig. I loved pretty much everything about the dish. The honey jam Korean pancakes which held everything together was extremely delicious as they were lightly crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy inside. The honey jam complemented the subtle sweetness of the pancake and the combination matched so well with the salty and thick cut pieces of bacon and the spicy guacamole. A smothering of mango habanero mayo on a perfectly poached egg was the epitome of  deliciousness for this fine meal and I would most definitely order it again but not until I try the hot chicks burger first. 

Wassup Bi $17
An amazing Asian-inspired burger with deep fried lotus root chips serving as the most appropriate side instead of fries. This was DT's meal but I couldn't resist eating the chips, because they were super crunchy and addictive. The burger consisted of two toasted golden brioche buns sandwiching a shrimp katsu covered in a generous helping of wasabi mayo and a bed of Asian coleslaw at the bottom. The shrimp katsu wasn't greasy in any way, the insides were deliciously soft and moist yet still had a firm texture and the deep fried panko still retained its crispiness despite the heaping of mayo which had just enough wasabi in it. 

Brewristas is a cafe that you need to visit if not for the epic milkshakes then the food because their offerings are fantastic and very creative but let's be real, you need to get both. I still need to try their coffee so that will be on the list for my next visit.

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