Devon on Danks

September 12, 2015

Devon on Danks is a bit of a trek from Redfern Station but worth visiting, also keep in mind they are super busy and DT and I ended up waiting an hour before we were finally seated at noon on a Saturday. Devon on Danks is a creative fusion of east and west and they deliver some pretty bold items and they do it well.

I particularly liked this quirky sign and the dangling light bulbs added a fun and hipster vibe to the restaurant.

All day menu items
We were actually set on ordering the meat board for two but sadly it wasn't on the menu.

Matcha latte
Matcha is surely becoming a staple and I have no complaints because green tea anything is a winner. The latte was smooth and creamy while the matcha flavour was subtle.
Dragonwell $4
Described as a panfried green tea and it was a tea I enjoyed as it had a hint of toastiness making it quite earthy and nutty in flavour. I adored the traditional Japanese teapot.

Reuben hood $24
DT and I thought that the dish would be a gourmet sandwich of sorts but obviously we were wrong. I was bewildered by the complexity of the dish and the contrast of colours was quite a sight. The corned beef cheek was braised to perfection as it was incredibly tender and thus easy to pull apart, not to mention full of rich flavour too. A burnt onion broth was provided as a sort of gravy to pour over which is not pictured. The dusting of rye crumb added some crunch while the roasted sour red cabbage balanced out the heaviness of the beef cheeks with its tanginess. The dish was replete with a soft egg perched on top which oozed out its yellowy goodness upon digging in.

Golden egg $33
My eyes were beheld with excitement as the presentation was truly glorious. I'm ashamed to say I didn't take a cross-section photo of the taro scotch egg. With that aside though, I really loved everything about this dish. The batter of the scotch egg was crispy while the innards were soft, pillowy and made better with the taro. The egg itself had a beautiful gooey yolk centre and I expected nothing less. Now if you're a seasoned visitor of Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants you may be familiar with these crispy noodles and if you're not then you are missing out. I must admit, this was definitely a pricier version but all was forgiven because of the truffle shavings (sourced from Western Australia) and the generously sized scotch egg. The crispy noodles were super crunchy and how can they not be as they were deep-fried but the best way to enjoy them is to have the bottom portion of noodles soak up the delicious sauce; the sautéed Asian mushrooms in garlic sauce butter was nothing but amazing. The dish was a bit heavy but I highly recommend it.

Thai milk tea soft serve $5
The perfect way to end lunch was indulging in this delightful soft serve. The Thai milk tea flavour was super well done and the consistency of the soft serve itself was a very good balance between creamy and icy.

Devon on Danks also have a dinner menu which is available on Wednesdays to Saturdays from 6pm and I am keen to try it next. Overall, the food was fantastic but was somewhat let down by their prices. The wait time for a table was also pretty horrendous but would be considered the norm now for such eateries that are all the rage on everyone's social media feeds.

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