Blaq Piq

November 08, 2015

Blaq Piq can be found a stone's throw from Cafe Cre Asion which is widely known for its premium quality matcha dessert creations and drinks. Blaq Piq was a stark contrast against the dull monochromatic buildings on Alberta Street with its vibrantly modern interior and adequate outdoor and indoor seating available.

DT and I visited on a Saturday at around 11am and the place was buzzing with people as expected but it wasn't necessary to wait for a table which earned a silent hooray from me. The service we received was quite prompt and attentive and no issues were experienced. 

The menu
For drinks, I went for the iced green tea latte as the weather was quite muggy and I wanted something cold to combat it. 

Iced green tea latte $6
My iced green tea latte was perfect, not too icy and full of matcha flavour. It was only very subtly sweetened so for the people who are not particularly fond of bitter green tea drinks it may not be enjoyed to the same extent.

Green tea latte $5
DT chose the hot green tea latte which came served in a reasonably sized yellow cup. The intensity of the green colour from the matcha was parallel to Cafe Cre Asion's and I'm delighted to say that in regards to taste it was the same if not similar to its neighbouring cafe as well. It was wonderfully rich in matcha flavour, creamy and unsweetened which is how I'm preferring my drinks lately. 

Some sugar syrup was provided though which meant we were given the option to customise the sweetness to our liking and that was the point of difference from Cre Asion.

Twice cooked pork belly $17
The first thing I couldn't help but notice was the amount of salad relative to the slices of pork belly. With only three meagre slices I was already sceptical, especially considering the price. My thoughts on the dish may be considered unfairly harsh with the reason being that I dislike rocket due to its overpowering bitterness but truth be told, there was too much of it on the plate and no redeeming dressing to cut that bitterness and as a result lingered unpleasantly on my tastebuds. The pork belly itself was pretty underwhelming to say the least, it could have really done with more flavour and adding to that it was surprisingly dry despite it being slow-cooked so perhaps we caught the dish on one of its off-days. The couple of 63C eggs on the side was overly generous as I didn't think it went well with the pork belly, too many rich textures and not enough seasoning so it didn't bode well when there was also pumpkin puree making an appearance. I really don't have any good things to say about it and was left feeling severely disappointed.

Wagyu corned beef $18
At least this dish was executed well with a better balance of textures and flavours but not outstanding. The lotus buns were amazingly soft and pillowy though and noticeably sweet if compared to normal baos which worked in its favour with the tender and salty corned wagyu beef and further balanced out by the creamy pan-fried 63C egg and overflowing hollandaise sauce.

With my first bite I immediately likened it to the taste of a Bacon and Egg McMuffin but with a sweeter bun. I do enjoy McMuffins so it was most certainly a good thing for me. Although for the price we paid it would have been more acceptable if the serving was three buns instead of two.

Pandan buttermilk pancakes $16
After such a lacklustre experience from the pork belly the gorgeous and colourful presentation of these pandan pancakes was a welcoming sight and even more so since green is one of my favourite colours. Pictures of this dish have been popping up constantly on my social media and not only were they pretty to photograph and admire they were sure yummy too.

Pouring the salted coconut sugar syrup
The aroma of pandan that wafted through was apparent in the pancakes but not strong either. The pancakes were delightfully soft and fluffy and were sweetened by the delicious creamy coconut ice cream and the salted coconut sugar syrup which you can drizzle less or more of depending on your taste. The fruits served to add extra colour and sweetness in particular the mango cubes which were perfectly ripe. I also loved the nata de coco which had an addictive chewy texture to them.

I have mixed feelings about Blaq Piq but would consider giving it another chance to try out the other items on their menu. I would return for those pancakes and their matcha drinks though.

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