Pub Life Kitchen

November 06, 2015

Pub Life Kitchen has been around for some time and DT and I made a visit here back in March this year so this is a long overdue review. They may have tweaked their burgers since then so my experience may or may not reflect what is currently being served now. 

The burger joint can be found at The Lord Wolseley Hotel in Ultimo, it was a bit out of the way of the heart of the CBD and we had to rely on Google Maps to locate it.

Hot n Sticky chicken wings $10
Pub Life Kitchen's focus is on delivering killer burgers and while their burgers were really good these saucy wings stole the show for me. Sticky would be the perfect word to describe them especially since we went at them with our bare hands so it got considerably messy. We would have appreciated some cutlery as our fingers were insanely sticky from the sauce but it was also finger-looking good. The sauce was mostly sweet but not sickening in any sense because of the mild spicy kick that was apparent with each bite. For $10 we were given a decent amount of wings and they were adequately bathed or should I say practically swimming in a pool of the addictive sauce.

The O.G. $18
The O.G. comprised of a 200g house ground beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese, caramelised onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce and roast garlic and lime aioli. The beef patty was cooked medium rare so it was tender and had a juicy pink centre and was topped off with a mandatory slice of melted Jack cheese. The roast garlic and lime aioli was the ideal condiment while the sesame buns were soft and fluffy and managed to hold everything in place. I felt that it could have done without the obstructive piece of lettuce as not only did it detract from the flavour but also the appearance. Regardless, DT said it was a delicious burger, comparable to Mary's and would have no qualms about getting it again. 

The Bird $18
I was immediately drawn to it because I love me some chicken and with the inclusion of Dorito chips  in the batter it was the obvious choice for me. Having already tried Mary's chicken burger my expectations were high and was hoping for something similar if not better. It was heftily sized and the amount of fried chicken squashed between those lightly toasted buns was astounding, absolutely no objections there. My teeth sunk through the soft buns and proceeded to make contact with amazing crunchiness that was the Dorito fried chicken. While they were succulent pieces of chicken it wasn't quite on par with Mary's version which was more flavoursome and admittedly more greasy but also the reason why they were so good. Don't be swayed against it though as it was still a great burger, I just prefer Mary's and I respect that some don't because of how oily that chicken burger is so 'The Bird' might be more up your alley especially since the greasiness is balanced out with the sweet coleslaw. 

The burgers were fairly pricey but they did come served with a large portion of fries. They reminded me of the fries at Macca's, more soft than crispy and quickly disappeared as fries and burgers go hand-in-hand. 

Pub Life Kitchen dish out some great burgers and they would be worth your while to try. On Wednesday nights, they do experimental burgers so if you're lucky to be free in the city at that time and feeling peckish give them a shot.

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