Buttermelt Cafe

November 05, 2015

It was a warm Sunday afternoon and DT and I didn't want to travel too far so Buttermelt Cafe located in the heart of Strathfield was the pick for that day. The cafe took up the space where Moochi was once upon a time so it was a pretty small hangout but there were plenty of empty tables so waiting for one was a non-issue. Judging from the abundance of Instagram pictures of their monster of a pancake stack it would be fair to assume that it was their most popular item on the menu and the main reason I wanted to hit the place up.

Small and cosy interior
The yellow accents made the cafe pop and the star decorations were quite cute but it all seemed a bit random and mismatched. Let's not focus on that though and instead on the food and drink.

Food and drink menu
The menu was easy to peruse, with the food and drink selections all squeezed onto the one page. For beverages, DT and I ordered a taro latte and green tea latte respectively.

Green tea latte and taro latte $4
With one sip of the green tea latte I was instantly met with the delicate aroma of matcha, the froth was silky and the latte smooth and creamy and was sweetened but not dramatically so where the green tea flavour was masked. It wasn't up there with the matcha latte served at Cre Asion which was unbelievably rich and smooth but it still got my tick of approval and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The taro latte was also really lovely as the taro flavour didn't taste artificial at all. It wasn't heavily sweetened either which allowed the taro flavour to really come through and be appreciated. Taro is also a rather unique flavour to have in a hot beverage so it was great to see it executed quite well. DT definitely enjoyed it and preferred it over its green tea counterpart. 

Pulled pork burger $15
DT was presented with a fairly sizeable burger that was seriously heaped with a mound of slow-cooked pulled pork, diced onions, quartered cucumbers and pickles. Together they made a statement on top of a radicchio leaf which served to provide some textural crunch and prevented the bread from becoming soggy from the juicy pulled pork. The brioche roll encompassing the said components wasn't like any brioche that I had come across as it had corn kernels baked inside of it and brought about a subtle sweetness which I really liked.

In terms of tastiness, it was better than average, the pulled pork was flavoursome and dripping with juices which did cause a bit of struggle during its consumption. It was slightly sweet and more savoury but was letdown a smidge by not being tender enough. The sourness from the pickles, bitterness from the radicchio and the onions were great for packing in different flavours and worked harmoniously to produce a sensible burger. The brioche was especially excellent as it was toasted until it was amazingly crunchy and the discovery of the bits of corn throughout made it less ordinary.

Oh my, I almost forgot about the chips which were described as butter chips on the menu. I wished there were more of them because they were incredibly crunchy and light in texture while still being soft and potatoey inside. 

Buttermelt pancakes $15.50
The pancakes along with their brioche French toast make up their signature section on the menu and are served all day which is fortunate as I could surely have these pancakes anytime of the day or night. It was so visually stunning that I had severe happy feels when it was brought to the table. The pancakes were stacked in a reasonable fashion with generous slathers of berry compote alternated through and plenty of coarsely ground pistachio sprinkled around to add a pop of colour and crunchy nuttiness. 

Top view
This was life-changing and needs to be personally experienced as I'm unable to do it any justice by describing it with mere words. Just know that the pancakes themselves were cooked to have a crisp exterior and the innards were nothing but soft and sweetened clouds of fluffiness. The blueberry and raspberry compote was beautiful and delivered sweet and tart bursts of flavour to assault my tastebuds while the delicious scoop of creamy vanilla bean ice cream exemplified the epicness that was these buttermelt pancakes. I need more of this in my life but I don't want diabetes, life is hard. 

If you haven't been to Buttermelt Cafe, do make a trip there as the pancakes were to die for. It was considerably better than the ones I've had from Pancakes on the Rocks. The pulled pork burger was also pretty decent if you're not keen on raising glucose levels with all that sugar. For something warm to drink, their taro and green tea latte were worth having, especially the taro as it's not commonly done. I will definitely need to go back try their other savoury offerings and the brioche French toast. I also wouldn't mind having those fabulous pancakes again.

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