Belly Bao

August 22, 2015

If you are in the mood for scrumptious bao then there is no better place to visit than Belly Bao which is located inside GOODGOD Small Club on Liverpool St. As it is a club, you can only get your bao fix at dinner time which is a shame and they are not open on Sundays much to our disappointment. 

They serve up 6 delicious variations of bao: crackling roast pork belly, slow braised pork belly, panko crumbed chicken breast, soft shell crab, slow braised beef short rib and crispy tofu.
In hindsight we should have skipped the chicken wings and went for one of each bao instead just so we could have tried them all.

Sweet potato fries $7
We can never not order sweet potato fries if they are on the menu because I think they are 10 times better than regular fries. These did not disappoint, they were crunchy and mildly sweet and the drizzle of chilli aioli perfected the whole ordeal.

Crackling roast pork belly $6.50
The bao were generously sized and they sure looked glorious. They were soft and pillowy just how you would want them to be. With this particular bao you don't just get pork belly but the crackling too so how could one resist? The pork belly was succulent and with the crackling they made the perfect pair. Don't forget the kewpie mayonnaise sandwiched in between either as it melded everything together.

Soft shell crab $7.50
Panko crumbed chicken breast $6.50
Let's start with the soft shell crab because it was particularly delicious. The crab was delectably crunchy, not oily and tasted so amazing with the chilli aioli and lemon vinaigrette. It was packed full of flavour thanks to that punchy aioli sauce. The panko crumbed chicken breast was good but wouldn't be my top pick because it wasn't as good as the other two. It lacked flavour even though we opted for the chilli aioli. The other condiment on offer was pesto aioli which would have been interesting.

Crunchy wings $12
Belly Bao sure don't skimp on their chicken. $12 got us 8 crunchy wingette and drumette pieces. They were mighty good but it was too much food between the two of us and we regretted not ordering more bao instead. The batter was somewhat reminiscent of KFC but with more crispy goodness incorporated and much more fresh which was great.

Belly Bao also has on offer two dessert bao (baonana split and strawbelly bao) which I am so eager to try on my next visit. On Thursday nights only they serve up "The Baoger" which is their take on a traditional burger but instead of hamburger buns they use bao instead and it looks freaken awesome. but it's unfortunate that it's exclusive to Thursdays.

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