Cafe Cre Asion

August 30, 2015

This little cafe is easily missed as it is tucked away in a lane way amongst neutral apartment buildings and we walked past the street initially while navigating with trusty Google Maps. The cafe was quite busy and it didn't help that the seating was very limited with a few small tables inside and some more outside. The tables were also very low which could be a little uncomfortable if you are a taller person. I already knew what I wanted from this much talked about cafe and that was their signature matcha latte and green tea chocolate fondant. As it was lunchtime we ordered their sandwiches too.

Poached free range chicken, chilli pickled Asian mushroom, iceberg lettuce, zucchini, white sesame and wasabi mayo $11
I loved the combination of enoki mushroom, zucchini and poached chicken as it made the sandwich so much less dry and really pleasant to munch on and appreciated that the sourdough bread was toasted as otherwise it would have been quite tough to bite. The general consensus was that the sandwich lacked in flavour though which was surprising as we thought the wasabi mayo would pack in some strong flavour. Overall, the ingredients melded well but would have been much improved if we could taste the wasabi mayo.

Master stock braised pork neck, pickled red onion, grilled cabbage, aged cheddar cheese, honey and wholegrain mustard $12
Compared to the chicken variation the pork won in the flavour department. The pulled pork neck was tender and seasoned well without being sweet which is what I prefer for my pulled pork and I really enjoyed the addition of grilled cabbage as it was such a great way to prevent the sandwich from being dry. I didn't even realise that there was cheddar cheese sandwiched in between as the mustard was quite overpowering. I can't complain because the mustard and pulled pork went together so well to provide savoury and tangy mouthfuls of deliciousness.

Matcha latte $5
Seriously the best matcha latte I have ever had, I would come here just for it. If you're not a fan of the bitterness from green tea though, you may want to steer clear as the latte is light on the sugar. However, by drinking, this, you can appreciate the bitterness of high quality matcha through a very creamy latte - so good on a cold day. 

Yuzu lemonade and matcha cookie
An interesting take on lemonade as it was served warm and yuzu syrup was given separately to be stirred into the beverage. The matcha cookie was not overly sweet and in between crunchy and soft in texture and had a hint of green tea flavour.

Green tea chocolate fondant $8
I'll be honest, the true reason for wanting to visit Cafe Cre Asion was to get this pretty little thing in my belly. And when I say little it really was as it was just a tiny cupcake. I found that quite disappointing but it didn't stop me from ordering it. 

Green tea chocolate sauce pouring in action
Green tea chocolate fondant dissected
It was mesmerising to watch all that green tea goodness oozing out of the centre and I was so eager to dig in but not before taking all the necessary photos. Something about green tea desserts excites me too much and this was no exception. The chocolate fondant itself was rich, moist and ever so gooey, as expected and the centre was an explosion of the glorious warm green tea flavoured chocolate. It wasn't too sweet which was excellent but I do think the outer part of the fondant could have been more crunchy. 

If you love green tea then this should definitely be added to your list. The matcha latte alone is worth coming for however be prepared to wait for a table and be cramped into a tiny table. I don't want to think what it would be like on a hot summer day. The green tea chocolate fondant is also worth a trip to Cafe Cre Asion but I would give my number one pick to Sokyo as I don't think their green tea fondant can be beat.

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